Now YOU have the opportunity to encourage a young mother! image

Now YOU have the opportunity to encourage a young mother!

Prayer is the greatest source of encouragement we can give. Foster a cute stuffed animal to remind you to pray daily! (Why stuffed crochet animals?? See below.)

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The founder of our ministry is a woman who experienced an unplanned pregnancy and abortion at the age of 21. One thing she had to do before starting the ministry was tell her parents what she had done. These stuffed animals are made by the mother of the founder; in honor of her granddaughter, lost to abortion in 1993. While she crochets, she prays for the mother and child who will receive each animal.

Now YOU have the opportunity to cover a mother and baby in prayer right up to the birth of the baby!

  1. "ADOPT" a mother and baby. Moms have selected the animal they would like their baby to receive. Come by the center to pick out the animal you would like to foster during the mother's pregnancy (or if you don't live close by, call the center and we can mail you an animal). We will let you know the mother's initials, due date and any specific prayer requests.
  2. PRAY for the mother and her baby. If the baby's gender is known prior to deliver we will notify you so you can pray more specifically. Place your animal where you will be reminded to pray daily!
  3. IF you are able, you can also make a donation to cover the cost of New Beginnings' services to this mother and baby. Our average cost to provide services to one client for one year is $240 (tax deductible). You can split this up anyway that is convenient to your budget, a couple of options are preset above for your convenience.
  4. RETURN your animal when the baby is born so it can be presented to the mother and baby you have prayed for so faithfully. If the mother will allow, we will take a picture of them with the animal and send it to you so you can continue to pray.

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